Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Perspective and Craftsmanship with Kindergarten and 1st Grade

This is lesson was a repeat from last year. Around the time that 1st grade is teaching 3D shapes, I teach perspective. Great time for some cross-curricular connections. I love introducing Kindergarten and 1st grade to perspective. They are totally bought in. They think drawing in 3D is the coolest.

 I teach them 3 simple steps. First you draw the shape of the front. Second, you add diagonal lines (all pointing to the same corner of the paper), and last you use twin lines (parallel) to connect the ends of the diagonal lines. 

Of course some students struggle with this, but surprisingly they keep at it, even at home. Heck, at the beginning of this school year almost all of the students I taught this to last year, had practiced all summer. Their favorite is when I show them how to use perspective when drawing a car.

After our drawings are complete, we practise craftsmanship with markers. I really push slowing down. We had a great success this year. The other thing that has to be pushed is filling in all space with color. No white. Here are some of the results. Honestly, I let some of the best ones go before taking a photo.

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