Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mural Project is Finished

Well, I have not written a post since school let out. I have been sitting on this for a couple of weeks. The mural that I started with my after school program kids is done. It got postponed a lot due to the crazy rain we got here in Texas this spring, so I had to wrap it up on my own after school got out, but here it is.

We started off back in the fall generating ideas, then after getting it drawn out I turned it into a coloring sheet of sorts for the students to figure out color and patterns. I synthesize what they came up with, and then it took till spring before we got paint. The students had most of it painted when we got what seemed like a month of nonstop rain. So once school was out, I showed up a couple of days and finished it off. I think it turned out great. Here are some close ups.

It sits right in the center of the school, and the steps in the middle are the ones that the teachers have to take when they come to school from the parking lot in the morning. Had a lot of fun working on this with the students. Hope that it is well taken care of.