Saturday, April 9, 2016

Collage/Drawings with Depth

This wasn't an original idea, it came from the Davis Digital textbook for 2nd grade. It was a great lesson though. Students started with three different sized pieces of construction paper (a great way to use odds and ends pieces from other projects). After coming up with an idea of people doing something together, they drew the people on their construction paper pieces, making sure that the people touched the top and bottom of the paper. We then discussed placement, size, and overlap as tools to create depth. Students then cut out their figures and glued them to a 9x12 sheet of construction paper. Lastly, the student used their construction paper crayons to create a background, preferably with a foreground and background. Here are some examples.

Playing with friends




Riding Bikes

More soccer

I love the variety of subjects that the students came up with.

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