Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ojo De Dios

Just a quick post here to show what we have been doing recently. My 4th graders have started a weaving unit. As our intro project, we created Ojo de Dios. I remember doing these when I was in the third grade, back in the 80's, and going back many times after that and making them again on my own. So, I figured if I got something out of it as a kid, surely one or two of my students would get interested. Guess what? I was right.

Since teaching the 4th graders how to create these, I have been ones made at home brought back to me as gifts. I have also had many students go home and make much larger ones and bring them back to show me. That brings me joy. I even had one student who is often extremely checked out, or asleep, or just a behavior/attitude nightmare, wake up and get super excited about these.

Here are some more pictures.

There were many great Ojo de Dios made, but for some reason I did not take many pictures during this project. Probably too busy helping. One thing that was awesome, was that students that really caught on and finished early set out helping the struggling students, and did a better job teaching this than I did. I will be starting this with my third graders soon. This is a quick assignment that I would definitely recommend.


  1. I was also surprised at how much my students enjoyed this last year. I did it with 2nd and 3rd. And also had a student bring me one she made at home. Fun for all!

  2. My experience has been the same. Not only have I had students bring me ones that they made from home, but I have students that keep them in their backpacks and will walk around school unweaving them and weaving them back again just because they like making them.

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